Quality policy

Parmen Konzervipari Zrt. aims to produce fruit and vegetable products representing excellent quality that meets the requirements of food safety, the European Union and satisfy the consumer demand.

Our motto is:

“Quality is responsibility and commitment.”

We plan and regulate all our activities. We put great emphasis on the continuous quality control during our production process in order to endorse the principle “of making it good for the first time”. We run systems (HACCP, ISO 9001, IFS) that guarantee the quality of our products. We preserve our products through pasteurization, thus, they do not contain any preservatives.

We aim to strengthen client-oriented approach and client relationships in the course of our operations. We pay attention to satisfy the defined and the delitescent claims as well. Our goal is to explore new markets. The benchmark of our success is the satisfaction and the loyalty of our clients.

The expertise of our colleagues is the pillar behind us successfully running all operations . Our goal is to provide a safe and hygienic work environment. We aim to secure the quality through continuous training. We are committed to providing opportunities with further training and effective knowledge exchange.

We aim to cooperate with our suppliers and agricultural partners on a mutual interest basis. We expect their products to fulfil the requirements of food safety and the high standards of consumers. We counsel and support our raw material producers profusely.

Protection of the environment is crucial for us. In order to achieve that, we pay attention to defend the environment from the hazardous effects of industrial procedures. We practice conscious protection of the environment through effective management.

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